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"Mni Wiconi," meaning “Water is. Life,”

Stand Up For Standing Rock

Some of our favorite early videos from the struggle to protect the sovereign Standing Rock Reservation tribal waters and tribal water rights.

"The Standing Rock Reservation lies across the border between North and South Dakota in the United States, and is inhabited by ethnic "Hunkpapa and Sihasapa bands of Lakota Oyate and the Ihunktuwona and Pabaksa bands of the Dakota Oyate," as well as the Hunkpatina Dakota."

"The Lakota phrase “Mní wičhóni” (“Water is life”) was the protest anthem from Standing Rock heard around the world, but it also has a spiritual meaning rooted in Indigenous world views. For Native Americans, water does not only sustain life, it is sacred."

Learn More Here...




The Invisible Tribe "What a Man Can't Know, the Eagle Sees

book cover

"I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me." ~Author Ralph Ellison 1952

In his first novel, The Invisible Tribe, Adrian Roman embarks on a formidable quest, namely, writing socially responsible fiction in an America blind to the plight of its indigenous people.

My editor, Pat Wick offers this preview:

"The Invisible Tribe is a modern murder/mystery/thriller set in the Choctaw Nation. The people choose martial arts master John Wilkerson Tall Bear to lead their fight against systemic racism, governmental corruption and the sinister villain Steppenwolf. Elvis fans are left wondering, why? Rooted in Durant, Oklahoma, the battle extends from Talihina in the north to Dallas in the south and touches countless small towns in-between.

The action, political intrigue and surprising plot twists of the original have been streamlined for a more engaging read. Lively characters and realistic dialogue promote Native identity as a means to survive and thrive. As it champions Choctaw full bloods and their ancestors, The Invisible Tribe urges future generations to find worth in a more simple way of life."

You and your friends can send $20 to paypal.me/chieftian for an autographed copy!

"I had participated in an American Indian Ceremonial sweat last weekend and experienced a vision, so I thought. My vision was a strange one, if in fact that is what it was. In my vision, I saw an ancient Roman Solider and an American Indian Warrior riding on horseback side by side on a mountain top. I saw a herd of buffalo in a valley surrounded by lush woodlands. Leading the herd is a magnificent white buffalo. The Sacred White Buffalo is significant among American Indian culture. Were the two warriors on a buffalo hunt together? In my vision, I noticed red streaks down the flank of the White Buffalo. Had he been wounded? This would have been a tragedy for the birth of a white buffalo happens once in a lifetime. Then my vision faded away." ~John Wilkerson Tall Bear

Adrian RomanThe Invisible Tribe is a fictional book about how the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has ignored its people with substantial Indian blood. The Nation has turned its back on the Indian philosophy and ancient’s way of their people. Corruption and greed for money and how to accumulate great wealth is the order of the day. It tells about the tragic journey of a small group of full blood Choctaw Indians who began to feel discriminated against and are outcast within their own tribe. They began to unite in small Indian churches and form an underground movement to create a new full blood tribe. The mission of this organization Chahta Amoma Atokoli (Choctaw full bloods) is to get their new tribe federally recognized.

They select a leader; John Wilkerson Tall Bear and their journey begins. Thru events and murders of some of their members they march on the Choctaw Capital and take the Chief of the Choctaw hostage. Misdeeds are discovered and the current Chief of the Choctaw Nation falls from grace.

Through events he orchestrates Tall Bear along with a trusted friend and a pretty half Indian Senator name Rachel Jim, he becomes Chief of the Choctaws. The 200,000 member tribe is reduced to 20,000 members by installing a higher blood quantum requirement to become a member. He begins taking care of his people where the former Chief looked the other way. For the first time members began receiving dividends checks from the casino money.

Through ceremonial sweats, a mystical visitor from the past helps John Wilkerson Tall Bear begin to instill the ancient ways and honor back into the modern day tribe of Choctaw Indians.

The Native American Sargent York you've never heard of..!

Joseph Oklahombi The most decorated soldeier from Oklahoma during WW1Please share this Facebook post to help us secure the Medal of Honor for Mr. Joseph Oklahombi! We are beginning a call to have Mr. Joseph Oklahombi posthumously recognized for the Medal of Honor!

Joseph Oklahombi (Choctaw) was the most decorated soldier from Oklahoma during WW1. His amazing exploits surpass even Sgt. York's even while being almost exactly the same, and a few days apart from each other.

At 23 years old he ran behind an enemy machine gun installation that was mowing down his comrades. As an expert hunter he was able to run across a series of barbed wire baracades and he pinned down over 250 German soldiers. After killing 79, the remaining 171 gave up.

His citation for the Croix de Guerre reads:

"Under a violent barrage, [Pvt. Oklahombi] dashed to the attack of an enemy position, covering about 210 yards through barbed-wire entanglements. He rushed on machine-gun nests, capturing 171 prisoners. He stormed a strongly held position containing more than 50 machine guns, and a number of trench mortars. Turned the captured guns on the enemy, and held the position for four days, in spite of a constant barrage of large projectiles and of gas shells. Crossed no man's land many times to get information concerning the enemy, and to assist his wounded comrades."


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  • "Nothing quite like smudging a room full of cedar, sweet grass, and sage, and listening to NativeRadio.

    Prayerful and deep.

    Very rewarding."
  • "My dogs and I start everyday with NativeRadio. I have discovered so many songs here that have in turn allowed me to seek out and support many independent artists.

    The website itself is truly a Portal to Beauty and Mystery and for some another truth. You should be proud."
  • "What a wonderful radio station. I love it!"
  • "Our portal to beauty and mystery. Keep it going guys."
  • "Hi there. I live in Ireland and I just found your radio station last night and I really found it interesting.

    I love the music. (I just bought an internet radio) - this means I can listen all the time to you."
  • "Osiyo Happy Birthday! Thanks to all who make the program work. Been turning the show on for years and it is a life blood of my days.

    I'm Cherokee and Cree 61 years old and will listen till the great mystery takes me home! wado!"
  • "Happy Birthday!!! I am a listener from Greece who really enjoys your music!!!!

    Don't let the Native American culture vanish!!!"
  • "Happy Happy Birthday!!! A great radio.

    By listening you I find all the serenity which I need ;-)"





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    Edward Curtis Galleries Back Online

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    NativeRadio® New Website

    May 2, 2020 Today we say goodbye to our old website! After 5 years we thought it was time to update NativeRadio® with a brand new website! In 21 years of broadcasting, this is our fourth website! Our new website features a brand new look and feel!   With respect, Read More
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