About NativeRadio.com
Created to please your senses, and tug at your heart. We hope we have succeeded.

Patrick resizeThank you for visiting NativeRadio®.com, your portal to the beauty and mystery of Native American music. NativeRadio.com was born out of our love for the music, the artists, and most of all... the people.

We have just begun our 30th year of Internet braodcasting and are proud of the artists we play. They are the reason we exist and they have grown from an obscure hard to find niche, into the storytelling powerhouses they always were!

Native American music crosses many styles including; pow wow, traditional, new age, blues, pop/rock, folk/country, rap/hip-hop, and more.

We have tried to provide a forum with which you can learn about:

  • The artists behind the music, their albums and concerts, and their message.
  • The artists who have created the cover art and their amazing artwork.
  • The labels behind these artists. Native American record labels deserve much of the credit for keeping the tradition of story telling alive today.
  • The history of the indigenous people of this country. Their 500 year struggle for justice....then and now.
  • You will also learn about how you can contribute to various Native Americans causes.

We hope you enjoy your journey in NativeRadio.com. It was created to please your senses, and tug at your heart. We hope we have succeeded.

Patrick Doyle

1,900 Albums
Spanning every conceivable genre of First Nations music from rock to blues, from Traditional to Pow Wow, to everything in-between, & even Hopi Reggae!
1,172 Artists
We only play First Nations artists, with the exception of a few unique "Native Heart" musicians.
30 Years Online
NativeRadio.com launched in December 1999. Back then, we had to write much of our own software to stream online!
32,465 Cups of Coffee
We don't drink alcohol but we sure drank a ton of coffee and tea, especially in the early days of streaming!