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IMG 3853 resizeThough not Native American by heritage, Randy has had a life-long passion for Native peoples, their histories, cultures, and their legends. Through his music and concerts, he shares that passion with others and considers himself "Native in spirit.”

The name “Windtalker” is a trail name he adopted in 2006 during his six-month, 2,175-mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, a journey he accomplished with his wife. When he began performing and recording, he kept “Windtalker” as a professional moniker.

Beginning with his debut album, “Native Soundscapes,” in 2006, “Windtalker” has been on a journey to redefine Native American-style flute music to expose it to a wider audience. With each successive album, the style, emotion, and complexity of his compositions has evolved, with his latest and sixth CD, “Earth Songs,” simultaneously spanning multiple genres.

Throughout this musical journey, the haunting sounds of Native American-style flute have remained the centerpiece of his works, garnering him multiple music award nominations and in 2022, the award for “Best Flute Album” by One World Music Radio for his album, “Wind, Water and Stone.”

For more information about Windtalker and his music, visit Videos of many of the songs on his CDs, as well as live performances, and flute improvisations from locations around the world, are available at

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